Creative Freedom: Our American Dream.

Floral Genius
Creative Freedom: Our American Dream.

It’s the 4th of July, and one of our favorite weeks of the year – American Flowers Week. Yes, our frogs are made in America, and yes, we have significant ties to the US fresh cut flower industry, but more than that, this week celebrates one of the core values that we founded Floral Genius on – freedom.

When we were first devising our plan for the company, we were faced with hashing out the fundamental strategy points of any entrepreneur – the what, how, when, where and why. While some companies hang their hat on the what and hows, for Floral Genius, we believe our why is the backbone of our existence. 

So, why do we do what we do? Of course, visions of huts on the water in Bora Bora dancing in our heads were present, there are a few ideas that inspired us much more than a potentially profitable bottom line.

Creative Freedom: Super rich guy, Victor Pinchuk, once said “art, freedom and creativity with change society faster than politics”. Whether you believe that society needs to be changed or not, these three things form who we are, and what we want for the world. It’s time to be creative. It’s time to be free.

Innovation: Flower frogs are not new, and we are not innovators (at least not right now, but stay tuned – who knows!), nonetheless, we believe in providing tools to those who are (that’s you). When it comes to floral mechanics, it’s time we stop stinting innovation with water-logged products birthed from the 50’s obsession with the artificial. Set yourself up for success. Remove barriers. Kick ass.  

The #OldisNew + ‘Merica Revival: Thank God, right? Raised as “good ol’ girls” on a rural farm in VA, we couldn’t be happier to see people getting back to their roots with the buy local movement. But it’s not just a renewed support for American-made products that we love, it’s also the parallel phenomenon of throwing back to original ideas; ideas that we at Floral Genius live for.

Sure, at the end of the day, we are US manufacturers of flower frogs, but our passion for these three things is the reason we do it; this is our why.

Business owner or not, everyone has a why. What’s yours?

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