OMG - Florists' Review Feature!

Floral Genius
OMG - Florists' Review Feature!

That moment when you’re like holy-crap we’re in Florists’ Review, is amazing.

Last week, the August issue of Florists’ Review dropped with Floral Genius in the pages. As the Made in America Spotlight, Debra Prinzing perfectly told our story, and we couldn’t me more delighted - for various reasons.

Beyond the fact that our brand reached the esteemed readership, we simply can’t describe how empowering it is to know that people believe in what we’re doing as much as we do. We’re not just flower frog manufacturers; we’re daring and gritty, and ready to bring heritage mechanics back to the hands of artists.

So, while we get back to making frogs and changing the world, you should click here and read the full article.

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