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How to Use a Floral Genius Flower Frog

Let's Get Designing

If you've never used a flower frog before, don't worry! Getting started is easy. Learn the basic steps to start a floral design with each style of flower frogs, and learn more about flower frog maintenance! 


Classic Pin Holder

Learn how to get started with the classic pin holder flower frog including vase preparation and stem insertion.


Pin Cup Flower Frog

Our most easy-to-use flower frog is the pin cup! Get tips on how to use your pin cup and what to consider to keep your flowers fresh and vibrant!


Hairpin Flower Holder

A great starter frog, the gentle Blue Ribbon Hairpin holder is perfect for beginners. Learn how to get started designing with a hairpin flower holder!

The Classic Pin Holder Flower Frog

Follow these basic steps to designing in a flower frog to create a stunning, foam-free arrangement! 

Pin Holder

Choose a vase.

Get started with your design by choosing a vase! You can use any vase you'd like, as long as the mouth (the opening at the top) is larger than the size of your pin frog. The pin holder doesn't need to fit the vase perfectly, it just needs to be big enough to hold the flowers that you have! 

Preparing your Vase

Prepare your flower frog.

Begin your design by placing floral putty along the outside edge of the bottom of your flower frog. While floral putty isn't required, it will keep the flower frog in place while you design and when the arrangement is moved. You can purchase floral putty at our sister store, by clicking here


Place your frog and add water.

Gently press your flower frog into a clean and dry vase. If there's any moisture in the vase, the floral putty will not stick. Add water to your vase. While you want the complete design to be completely filled with water, you'll only need to cover the flower frog while you're designing and top off the water when your arrangement is complete. 

Make something magical!

Start your design with flowers that have thicker stems. Give each stem a sharp, angled cut and insert it into the frog piercing the stem onto the nails. As you build your design, it's easier to weave in smaller stems using the thicker stems to support your placement. 

Protip: once your design has lived its best life, remove the flower frog from the vase immediately. Over time, the putty will harden and be difficult to remove. 

The Pin Cup Flower Holder

Using the pin cup flower frog is simple! With a few easy steps, you'll have the perfect floral accent for tablescapes and around-the-house accents!

Pin Cup

Fill your pin cup with water.

Using a pin cup flower frog is incredibly easy! To get started, fill your pin cup flower frog with water.


Each of the Floral Genius pin cups has been water tested for 24 hours to ensure they're water-tight. 

Make something magical!

Grab some snips or scissors and cut flower stems at a sharp angle. Insert the stems into the pins, piercing the stems on the nails. Perfect for one stem or many, the pin cups are a great way to showcase your favorite flowers! 

Protip: watch the water! Flowers get very thirsty, and since they're suspended in the water they have access to drink as much as they'd like. Check water daily to keep your flowers hydrated and happy. 

The Blue Ribbon Hairpin Holder

The perfect flower frog for beginners, the hairpin holders offer a gentle, thatched design that makes foam-free design incredibly easy! 

Hairpin Holder

Choose a vase.

The hairpin flower holders allow you to design in any vase that holds water! Choose your favorite container that the frog will easily fit into. You'd be surprised at how many stems the hairpin flower holders can handle, so don't worry if it's not a perfect fit.

Prepare your hairpin flower frog.

Place a strip of floral putty along the outside edge of the bottom of the hairpin flower holder. While floral putty isn't required, it will keep the flower frog in place while you design and when the arrangement is moved.


Protip: be sure your vase is clean and very dry to ensure you get a water-tight seal with the putty. 

You can purchase floral putty at our sister store, by clicking here


Place your frog and add water.

Strongly press your flower frog into the bottom of the vase. You should be able to turn your vase upside down and the frog will remain in place. 

Once your frog is secured, add water. You'll want to add enough that all of your cut stems are in the water, but you can top if off with more once you're done designing. 

Make something magical!

Place the flower stems in between the looped pins. The hairpin holder is much like a sophisticated version of chicken wire and provides a "thatched" base to design into. The stems can fit between the pins, or within the loops of the pins for a strong hold. 

Start with larger stemmed blooms to build tighter thatching that will hold smaller stems.

Get design tips from the experts.

To learn more about designing with flower frogs, visit The Flower Diaries Blog from our sister company, Harmony Harvest Farm! 

Jesssica Hall Floral Designer Photo Credit HC Photography.jpg

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