Of course! As an authorized reseller, you’ll have access to exclusive quantity breaks on the Floral Genius flower holder products. In order to become a wholesale partner, you’ll need to meet a few requirements:
  • You must have an EIN or Tax ID number
  • You must have a valid reseller certificate
To get started, create an account, and email a copy of your resale certificate to orders@floralgenius.com. Once your account has been approved, you’ll be able to easily place your order online and receive quantity discounts. Please allow 48 hours for account approval.  

If you're not eligible for a wholesale account or just want to buy a few, visit our retail store, hhfshop.com.

In most cases, we can ship orders within 7-10 business days. If any items in your order are unexpectedly out of stock, you'll be notified immediately. 

Yes! These heirloom mechanics were the staple structure tool before floral foam was introduced. In addition to offering more flexibility to any designer's vision, pin holders are reusable and recyclable.

The Floral Genius pin holders are constructed with a lead base and brass pins. These durable metals will never rust and offer a stable base for heavier arrangements.

While all painted pin holders offer a barrier, unpainted products will have an exposed lead base. Though this small amount of exposure is harmless, we do recommend that you use caution, and wash your hands after handling the unpainted holders. Always avoid contact with your mouth while handling the unpainted products.