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Promoting, Supporting, and Investing in Ikebana

Through our journey with Floral Genius, we have had the pleasure of discovering the incredible art of Ikebana and the vibrant community that fosters its growth in the United States. 

We are honored to be an official partner of the Ikebana Iwaya Fund, an organization committed to promoting this ancient Japanese art form. In addition to advocacy, the organization provides funding for programs designed to promote Ikebana in the United States. 

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What is Ikebana?

Also known as kado or "the way of flowers", Ikebana is a Japanese art form of flower arranging that dates back to the sixth century. The philosophy of Ikebana emphasizes simplicity and the harmonious relationship between the natural materials used in the arrangement and the space around it. Only a few stems are used to create Ikebana arrangements, each deliberately placed to convey emotions, much like a painting! 

In addition to the Ikebana Iwaya Fund, organizations such as Ikebana International have been vital in fostering the growth of Ikebana in the United States. Currently, there are nearly 70 chapters of Ikebana International in the US where members learn from expert sensais and explore the different schools of Ikebana. Find a chapter near you at

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